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Bespoke Luxury Lighting


Made to order items” are defined as items that are ordered to customer’s specifications and put into production as per these specifications. 

 All "Made to order items" are clearly labelled as such on the corresponding product page in the delivery section. 

Examples of made to order items are, but not inclusive to, furniture and lighting. Once production has begun, “Made to order items” cannot be refunded, modified or exchanged. 

If you want to make any changes to your “Made to order item” at any point you MUST contact us as soon as possible and given the stage of the production we will do our best to proceed with your request. Given the nature of the request, if an additional charge is required, it is required of the customer to pay this charge immediately. 

 It is the customer’s responsibility to be fully aware of the finishes, colours and sizes they are specifying. It is also the customer’s responsibility to check our confirmation email to ensure that all products have been ordered correctly. Please also note you must read the information of the order in words, as any images shown online or in an email are never a confirmation of the correct items ordered. If you are not sure please always contact us or visit our showroom to see samples.

delivery and lead times

The item with the longest lead time will dictate the lead time for an order. The estimated delivery time will be quoted when placing an order. Any foreseeable delays are communicated to our customers after information like this becomes available. 

Lead-times for deliveries during August/September and December may be longer due to summer and Christmas factory closures across our network of suppliers. Please contact us for specific information.